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Success Kit


Get paid to launch your book instead of paying to launch your book.


Get the exact templates I used to make $2200 before my books were even out.

Imagine if you could: 

  • Make money from your book before it's out

  • Avoid wasting money on your book launch

  • Track your spending to maximize profits from your book launch

  • Have a guide to reach out to brands and small businesses

  • Land partnerships with companies that have your target audience as customers

  • Plan your self published book launch like a pro

  • Make it easy for promo partners and fans of your book to promote on launch day and beyond

Have an organized book launch even if you're self published, working full time, have a kids, and a spouse.

What's Included:

  • Book Launch Timeline Template

  • Launch Budget Template

  • Brand Partnership Kit Template

  • Brand Partner Email Template

  • Facebook Group & Podcast Guest Research Template

  • Social Media Post Planning Template

Launch like the pros even when you're self publishing.

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Here's What's Include:





200 Copies Sold 

in 2 months

Top 10 Amazon Hot New Releases in Pregnancy & Childbirth


Top 25 Amazon Hot New Releases Journaling & Self Help


Top 50 Amazon Hot New Releases in Motherhood


400 Copies Sold 

in 2 months

Top 14k best selling book on all of Amazon


#1 Amazon Hot New Releases in Adult Christian Education


#3 Amazon Hot New Releases Black/African American Christian 


Top 25 Amazon Best Seller in Adult Christian Education


Your Instructor


       Ashley Shepard aka Chef Ashley Shep is a wife, mom, meal time strategist, and author. Inspired by her own journey as a mom, she created a guided journal to help new moms practice self care. Using the book presale and launch process outlined above, New Mom Thoughts: Real Questions for Moms with Real Feelings sold 200 copies within the first 2 months of its release.


Her most recent book, the Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal sold 400 copies in 2 months reaching countries across the world like Italy, Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, and of course the United States. Both book launches were completed at 54% and 64% profit respectively and without paid ads. As a teacher by trade, Chef Ashley Shep is at your service to simplify the book launch process for your book’s success.


You don't have to have a team to reach self publishing book launch success. 

*The principles taught in this masterclass will show you step by step how I made $1400+ from my presale launch without paid ads and only 30 days of promotion leading up to the release of my first book: New Mom Thoughts Keepsake Journal. I'll also share the results for my second book launch: The Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Journal which had similar results in a shorter promotional time period. There is no guarantee that your results will match mine, however, if you put in the work, they might supersede them.