Know exactly what's for dinner, stop eating the same things, and finally have an answer for "Ma, what's for dinner?" 

Get dinner done faster and know exactly what to eat with my So...What's for Dinner? Guide.

Is this you when it's time to cook?

  • You stare into your fridge looking for something to magically appear or come together.
  • You're tired of your kids asking "Ma...what's for dinner?" (Cuz you don't have an answer)
  • You want something new, but end up cooking the same thing  week after week?

What's Inside The Guide?

This guide will help you: 

  • Know what's for dinner a week or two in advance
  • Quickly decide what to eat for dinner
  • Cut down on the amount of food you throw away at the end of the week
  • Plan your meals around your busy schedule
  • Get your So... What's For Dinner Guide today! 

Figure out how to plan easy, healthy recipes like these AND get permission to take the night off from cooking dinner. 

Quickly figure out what to eat, so you!

Get your So...What's for Dinner? Guide Today!

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Your Personal Chef


Hi, I’m Ashley Shepard (aka Chef Ashley Shep) and I help busy moms get dinner done faster quick, healthy, and flavorful meals. I’ve always loved to cook, but when I got married a few years ago, I realized that I would be solely responsible for feeding my diabetic husband while teaching full time and running a business *insert panic mode* That’s when I got laser focused about meal planning and prepping to make meals for my family.


Cooking is my happy place, but I get it. Making meals for your family can be tiring, stressful, and pain in your side...especially when you have fifty 'leven other things to do.


Now, having a plan around what to eat gives me more time to spend time with family, or catch up reruns on my two shows (Law & Order SVU and This is Us.) I can even get hubby to get dinner going, because it's already prepped. Join me on the less stressed side of life and learn how to cut down on your time in the kitchen.

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